To embed your Leadformly form into an Unbounce landing page, you’ll first need to open up your landing page in the Unbounce page builder.

Next, drag a custom HTML block where you’d like your Leadformly form to appear, then paste your Leadformly embed code into the HTML box and click save. Your form may not display in the page builder’s preview window – don’t worry, if you save your landing page and click preview you should see your form appearing on your landing page.

You may need to adjust the sizing of the custom HTML box in Unbounce or the sizing of your Leadformly form to make everything look how it’s supposed to. Once you’re happy, just hit save and publish your landing page.

Conversion tracking

To track your Leadformly form submissions as conversions in Unbounce, we’d recommend adding your ‘thank-you page’ URL (where people are redirected to after they submit your form) as a conversion goal in Unbounce. You can setup your conversion goals in the right-hand menu in Unbounce.

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