First of all, you will need to create a website on the Wix platform. This is simple and can be set up in a matter of minutes with the Wix onboarding tool.

Once you are all set up:

1. pick a template that you want to use for your website.

2. on the page builder, now select 'Add' in the left toolbar and select 'More' at the very bottom of the list.

3. Then under 'Embeds' choose HTML iframe and drag and drop it on to the page where you want the form to appear.

4. With the HTML iframe added and selected, press 'Edit code' which will open a tooltip

5. Now copy and paste the Leadformly Embed code for the form you want to add, into the textarea. Press update and you should see the form appear on the page.

6. The form will show small, all you need to do is adjust the width and height of the box surrounding the form to fit your needs. 

*This will also work well when in mobile view also.

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