Once you’ve finished building your lead form, you’ll reach a page with your unique embed code on. Click on the simple embed code and copy it to your clipboard (CTRL+C for PC, and Command+C on Mac).

Now, login to your Drupal admin and find the page you want to embed your form on by clicking ‘Content’ in the navigation.

With the page or article you want to embed your lead form on open, click on the 'Source' button in the Body section of the page, just above the text area. Now paste your embed code into the editor into the text area, then just below the text area, change the dropdown option of 'Text format' to Full HTML.

Once you’ve done this, save the page or click preview. You should now see how your form will appear on the live site when you publish the page.You’re all done – if you’re happy with how your form looks you can hit publish!

If you want to make changes to your form, you can go back to the form customiser and make any necessary changes. Any changes you make will automatically update how your form looks on your website – there’s no need to re-embed the form.

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