Once you’ve finished building your lead form, you’ll reach a page with your unique embed code on. Click on the simple embed code and copy it to your clipboard (CTRL+C for PC, and Command+C on Mac).

Now, login to your Squarespace account and find the page you want to embed your form on by clicking ‘pages’ in the left-hand navigation. Click 'edit' on the section you want to embed your lead form in and then click the '+' icon in the top left.

You should see a popup appear like the one in the screenshot below. Next, you'll need to add an 'embed' content block. Click 'Embed' (on the second row).

You'll now be able to paste the embed code you copied earlier into the embed box (you might need to click the light grey </> icon in order to see this box). Once you've done this, click set - and then 'apply'. Finally, save this content block by clicking save in the top left.

You should now see a box like this appear on your page. You can preview your form in safe mode, although Squarespace sometimes cuts off the form in this mode. To get a more accurate idea of how your form loads on the page, we'd recommend saving the page and viewing the live preview.

Once you’ve done this, save the page and click preview the page. You should now see your form appearing on the page. You’re all done – if you’re happy with how your form looks you can hit publish!

If you want to make changes to your form, you can go back to the form customiser and make any necessary changes. Any changes you make will automatically update how your form looks on your website – there’s no need to re-embed the form.

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