WP Bakery, formerly Visual Composer is becoming increasingly popular for Wordpress developers and theme developers to create a professional looking site while making it user-friendly at the same time.

Where you used to be able to add embed code into the 'text' tab in the page editor

Now this can become problematic with the WPBakery Shortcodes.

To embed a form into your Wordpress site is still simple with WP Bakery.

Using Frontend Editor:

1. If you have a fresh page with no current content on it you will need to start by clicking Add Element

If you are adding the form to an existing page

Scroll to the bottom of your page and press the 'addition icon'. This will add your form into a new row which can be dragged and dropped later to position it where you want in the page.

2.This will bring up a number of options, to input your embed code for the form you will need 'Raw HTML'

3. Once you have selected this, just copy and paste your forms embed code into the box and press Save Changes

4. Your form will show as soon as you have clicked Saved Changes

Then all you need to do is drag and drop the row, or even the Raw HTML element to where you want it to show in the page.

*Do not forget to click update in the top right corner to save changes to your WP Bakery Page.

Backend Editor

Some themes do not come with the option of a frontend WP Bakery editor, that is nothing to worry about, it is just as simple to embed your Leadformly form.

1. Go to the page you wish to edit and click the 'addition icon' to add a new element

2. An option box the same as the Frontend Version will pop up with a list of your available elements. You need to select Raw HTML.

3. Paste your code into the text box of the Raw HTML element box and click 'Save Changes'.

4. Update your page and when you view page your form will show. As with the frontend editor you will need to drag and drop your Raw HTML element to where you would like it to be on the page

If you need further help with embedding the form into WPBakery please contact our support team and they will be able to help you further.

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