Want to make your form feel more quiz-like?

One way to do this is by starting the form with a splash page - a step that introduces the form, tells the user what they're going to get out of it, and prompts them to get started.

Here's a screenshot of a Leadformly form that starts with a splash page.

How to create a splash page in Leadformly

Step 1: Remove all of the questions on step one.

To add a 'splash page' as the first step in your Leadformly form, you'll first need to delete or move all of the questions on the first step of your form so that it's blank. Remember: Do not delete the first step - we just want to remove the questions on it.

The first step of your form should look pretty blank at this stage, like this:

Step 2. Add your text & images in the customiser

Next, you can add your own images and text to this blank first step by dragging them from the sidebar in the form customiser. Note that to customise text you'll need to add custom CSS by clicking 'Add custom elements'.

Once you're happy with how your first step is looking, you're done!

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