A study in the Harvard Business Review found that responding to leads within one hour increases the likelihood of the lead being qualified by up to 60X.

Needless to say, following up with your leads quickly via email is absolutely essential - and is often low-hanging fruit for converting more leads into customers. Using Leadformly, there are a few different ways you can do this.

Option 1: Instantly Send New Leads an Email

The simplest way to trigger emails to your new leads is by selecting the option to send an email to new leads on your 'my leads' page.

Turning this on will instantly send an email from your email address to the lead (if you captured their email address) every time a new lead submits your form.

Option 2: Send different emails to leads based on their answer to a question

One of the great things with Leadformly is that you can segment your leads into different buckets, and then follow up with them differently based on their answer to a question. For example, based on their answers in your form you may want to...

  • Email leads with a low budget letting them know that it's not a good fit.

  • Include a case study in your follow-up email that's relevant to their industry.

  • Tailor the email to the service or goal they're interested in achieving.

To do this, you can either use Leadformly, or you can do it in Zapier/Your CRM.

Using Leadformly

At the bottom of the lead notification, email body field is an option to 'Only send this to a segment of my leads'. If your form is using image select or dropdown fields, you should be able to tick this and select the criteria that will trigger this email. You can add as many of these segments as you'd like.

Using Zapier

Note:  If you're new to using Zapier we have a step-by-step guide on how to get started here .

To trigger different emails to different leads via Zapier, you'll need to create a zap like the one below where:

  • The trigger = A new lead from Leadformly

  • The action = Send an email

You'll also need to add a filter in between these that means the zap only runs when your question is answered in a certain way. For example, 'only continue if... the answer to question 1 is X'.

If you want to send a variety of different emails to different segments, simply clone your zap template for each different email you want to trigger.

Using your CRM / email marketing tools

Most good CRMs and email marketing tools have the functionality to send different emails to different leads based on data that you've captured. How you set this up will vary depending on your tool, but in general - you'll most likely need to use 'automations'.

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