All colours have what's called a 'hex code'. Knowing the exact colour hex code will help you to create a lead gen form that will match your brand, right down to the smallest detail such as hue, saturation, and lightness.

Here are some resources you might find helpful in learning about digital colours and their codes:

  1. Colours Tutorial:

  2. Colour names supported by all browsers:

  3. HTML colour picker:

You can easily discover a colour code by downloading a colour picker, also called a colour eyedropper, such as Color Pick Eyedropper for Chrome as a plugin for your browser. The screen shots below demonstrate Color Pick Eyedropper in action.

You simply select an eyedropper in your browser (usually on the right side), click on it, and drag it to the area of your interest. You’ll see the colour codes changing while moving the eyedropper. To identify specific colour code, you have to click on an area and copy the code. When you use this code in Leadformly, make sure you paste it with a hashtag following this format: #15C3DB.

If you know a code for a colour you’d like to use in your Leadformly form, simply copy the code and paste it in a relevant field.

If you have any further questions about colour codes, please contact us by clicking on the blue support badge in the right corner at the bottom of the page. 

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