Here is a quick overview of all the question types you can choose from in Leadformly when editing your questions.

How to use different question types

Text input, Comment, Phone No, Email ID, Address and Currency question types are straightforward.

 Dropdown (select one option) & Dropdown (select multiple options)

Select Single question type (example below) allows your form users to select one of the answer options you’ve prepared for them. You can add one or few extra answers by using the ‘+’ button, if required. Select Multiple question type simply gives the form users a chance to select more than one answer option at the same time but looks the same way as Select Single.

Select Other

Select Other question type will add ‘Other’ as an extra answer option automatically.

 Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch is a great option for on/off and yes/no answers.

This is how Toggle Switch looks like when you preview your form and have styled it in the form customiser. If you prefer a different look, you’ll be able to apply your design changes in the form customiser.


Slider gives people an opportunity to ask questions in a similar style as the one presented below.

This is how S lider looks like when you preview your form and have styled it in the form customiser. Any style changes can be adjusted in the form customiser.

Image Selector

Image Selector allows your form users to interact by selecting an image as their answer. They can either select one or more images at the same time. You will have to upload at least two images here. Jpeg, jpg and png files are accepted.

Here is Image Selector in the form preview mode.

Let the joy of choosing the question types begin!

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