Should our LeadForm go on the homepage? Contact page? In a popup?

We're often asked where the best place to put a LeadForm on a website is to maximise conversions. While the answer does depend on the website, we've outlined some useful rules of thumb below.

When to use a LeadForm on your homepage

If visitors to your website are not sure what product or solution is right for them (or whether they need your solution), a LeadForm on your homepage that asks a series of questions and takes them to the right solution based on their answers should be used.

This type of LeadForm is often less about capturing the lead's contact information (though some do) and more about helping them get to the next step quickly so that they know whether or not the solution is right for them.

Here's an example of this type of LeadForm used on the homepage of a financial comparison website. This LeadForm helps visitors quickly narrow down a list of 100+ possible brokers down to the top 2-3 based on their answers to four questions.

When to use a LeadForm on a deep landing page

If you offer a small range of services/products and it's typical for visitors to navigate to a deep service or category landing page to learn more, it makes sense to have a LeadForm on your service/category pages for visitors that are interested in your offer (you can learn more about creating compelling offers & CTAs here).

Here's an example where a LeadForm is used on a deep page landing page about starting a business in Gibralter. A similar LeadForm would exist on all similar landing pages, where each is slightly customised based on the topic of the page.

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