Due to popular demand for each form to have its own 'Thank you' email and also to notify separate departments when leads come in from different LeadForms we have moved these options to the last step of building your LeadForm.

When you have completed your LeadForm and are ready to embed you will come to the final step of the process.

If you click on the EXTRAS tab you will see three options including an 'Assign a value to leads' so you can get a more accurate view


how your LeadForm is performing for you.

To receive an email when a lead completes your LeadForm turn on the toggle to 'Get notified when you receive new leads'

This will expand the box and you can choose the email the lead notification gets sent to and also how regularly you receive these notifications.

Below this option, you have the option to chose a 'Thank you' message that gets sent when a Lead completes your LeadForm.

This, of course, can be customised to whatever you would like.

Ensure you have saved all your settings and then Embed your form and wait for your leads to arrive.

If you need any further assistance with this option or anything else to do with your Leadformly Account please get int ouch with our support team.

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