A common trait with web forms is the use of weak call to actions like 'Submit' or 'Send Enquiry'.

Many marketers don't realise it, but these generic CTAs can harm your form's conversion rate as they're not compelling for a user to click on. After all, people fill out forms to achieve an outcome - not to 'submit'.

So, what are some better alternatives?

A great tip when writing call to actions is to finish the sentence 'I want to...' from the perspective of your user.

For example, if you're an insurance company it's likely that your users want to find the cheapest quote. Therefore, 'Find the Cheapest Quote' would be a good CTA as it finishes the sentence 'I want to... find the cheapest quote'.

Other examples:

  • Download My Free Report

  • Request a Proposal

  • Arrange My Consultation

Call to action value

Another consideration when writing your call to action is, where possible, imply the value that people will get from submitting your form (as opposed to just describing the action they're about to take).

For example, if you're a university trying to encourage more students to fill out an online application form for an engineering course, you could use a call to action like 'Take the First Step to Becoming an Engineer' instead of 'Apply Now'. Other examples:

  • See How Much I Could Save

  • Start Growing My Traffic Today

  • Improve Our Customer Retention

Whatever you do, avoid generic CTAs like 'submit' and 'send enquiry'!

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