The Multi-user management feature is a great feature to get all your team onboard. Now on every plan, you can invite at lead 2 other team members or clients to build and create Leadforms on your account.

Each plan has a limit of users you can invite:

  • Essential: 2 users

  • Growth: 5 users

  • Team: 10 users

For each user you invite you can assign particular privileges:

  • Admin: Has full access to the account just as the account creator, the only restriction to this account is that they cannot alter billing or cancel the account.

  • Acc. Manager: Can create, edit and delete Leadforms. You can also assign a client to a Acc. Manager role and they will have access to all the Leadforms the client has and creates.

  • Client: Can be given access to particular Leadforms you want them to have access to and they can also create, edit and delete their own Leadforms. They cannot delete Leadforms that have been assigned to that account, just edit and clone them.

You can find this new feature under the top-right drop-down under "Invite users":

Then a popup will appear giving you the option to add new users:

Why not give it a go and get all your team onboard.

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